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The Savvy Sister Girl’s List of Opportunities and Funding

National Bar Association Crump Law Camp The Law Camp, which is designed to provide high school students with an enjoyable and comprehensive introduction to the challenges of a legal education, attracts students throughout the U...

Google for your business

Google. It may be the most well-known word in the entire world. But did you know the most-used search engine also features several other products and providers that can make your job easier? Here are some Google products that y...


Google Plussed to Google Minused: Why are people being deleted from Google Plus?

Why are people being deleted from Google Plus? google plus suspended

Chatter about Google Plus

In the world of social media, there is always room for more. What does Google Plus mean for Facebook and Twitter? How to carve out another 4 hours a day to get addicted to something else? How much more can your life become an o...