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Things Big Girls Should Not Wear, 5 Simple Rules!

Rule 5:  Only One tight Area You cannot wear a tight shirt and a tight skirt/pant at the same time. You must allow the fat to go somewhere. So when picking your outfit, decide which piece of clothing you want to be tight an...

Getting in Theme

With spring upon us, you may be like me in that you are preparing to buy some new pieces to freshen your wardrobe. Ladies, I know shopping for new, well fitting clothes may prove challenging, so I offer this suggestion: adopt a...


The Bees Knees Black and Yellow Ensemble

  The Bees Knees by thecandaceb featuring leopard pumps  

Ultra Chic Church Style for Fashion Winter 2012

Source: polyvore.com via Candace on Pinterest

Sister Girl Style: Red, Black and White Weekend Look

What is your Sister Girl Style? Well if you are talking weekend chill then we suggest this cute little ensemble. A mix of classic style with city chic. You will turn heads on your weekend shopping trip with this Sister Girl Sty...

Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

As I stared blankly into my closet, I came to two important conclusions. The first was I need to reorganize my closet. My second conclusion was, despite my feeling of having nothing to wear, I have an abundance of outfits I can...


DAMN… Another Divorce!!

Another friend is getting a divorce! It seems like every month there is another couple splitting up. A marriage is not just some big fairytale wedding. People are preparing more for the wedding and not for the marriage. I wonde...

Sex and Twitter

A little over a week ago, a 14-year-old girl became a worldwide topic. The girl was featured in a viral video that shows her performing oral sex on another 14-year-old male student. The tape also depicts another male student si...

Affirmative Action for Ugly People

BEING good-looking is useful in so many ways. In addition to whatever personal pleasure it gives you, being attractive also helps you earn more money, find a higher-earning spouse (and one who looks better, too!) and get better...

Forgiveness, Part I

Forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about you freeing yourself and moving on.