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Sister Girl Approved

Safety Not Guaranteed is a Must See Movie

Safety Not Guaranteed is funniest film I have seen all year, I give it 5 STARS. The casting is spot on, the story line is presented in fantastic realism and the ending encourages to take a leap. By the end you hope, laugh and c...

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (A Movie Critique From Real Sister Girls)

A few intelligent Sister Girls were able to attend a pre-screening of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. It is a funny movie, but you should not pay $10 or more to see this movie. This is definitely what ...


Safe House movie is a Must See – Rated Sister Girl Approved

Hey Ladies, who says Sister Girls don’t love a good action flick. Of course, if it is one starring Denzel Washington then the odds of us liking it go up exponentially. And “No One Is Safe” in the new Universal...

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol – Movie Review – Sister Girl Approved

This week, I got to check out the sneak peek preview of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise and fellow "Sister Girl" Paula Patton.