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Be a SGN Radio Guest

Are you interested in sharing your voice with the world? Then we would like to hear from you. We are currently accepting applications for Sister Girl News Radio Show guests.

About Sister Girl News

Sister Girl News is an online magazine focused on giving women a voice in topics that affect their lives. We host a weekly webcast delivered by hosts Candace Bazemore, (Sister Girl News Publisher) and Felicia LaVette (Senior Sister Girl News Contributor).  Sister Girl News’ weekly show has a multicultural audience of mostly women and men between the ages of 25-40. Sister Girl News covers everything topic from real-life issues, to news, and pop culture.


About Our Guests

Our show focuses on topics relevant to the Modern Day Sister Girl lifestyle: love and relationships, entertainment, social and community impact, health and wellness, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, personal development, professional development, managing your day job, and work-life balance. We welcome:

Women and men doing extraordinary, interesting or noteworthy things with their lives.

  • Solopreneurs, coaches, speakers and small business owners who provide services and products to women, families and other business owners.
  • Authors who write about women’s issues, love and relationships, health and wellness, small business, lifestyle, marketing, sales, professional development, communication, and leadership topics.
  • Current 1040CEOs, people in the middle of transitioning from their 9 to 5 / 1040 jobs to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

Please submit the following when applying to be a guest on Sister Girl News Radio. Our hosts receive a lot of interests from potential guests. Please do not hesitate to submit, but also be aware that you might only receive a response back from them if they want to move forward.

Sending a press release or One Page is fine as long as you include in the email what you would like to address on the particular show you want to be a guest on. Otherwise: a Full Name, Brief Bio and what you would like to discuss on their show.

The email will go out to ALL of our current hosts. So make sure if there is/are specific shows you are interested in, to list them in your email. Please say this at the start of your email. Include any Social Media Links; Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Personal Website, Business Website etc.

Please note: Keep your show request descriptions to 250 words or less. A brief but detailed description will help us to quickly make a decision. All Subject Lines should say: Be a Sister Girl News Radio Guest.

Email your information to sistergirlnews@gmail.com or FAX it to 636-720-4000.