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Sister Girl New’s Getwithable Rules : Is He Get With Able?

Posted November 29, 2016 by The Candace B in Relationships

Dear Sister Girls,

It has been a while since I have touched on the topic of relationships but I must say that due to some recent incidents I see now that I must not neglect this area. Far too many of us Sister Girls and our male counterparts are in need of guidance when it comes to love and relationships. So consider this to be the first in a group of articles that will help shed light on how Sister Girls should conduct themselves when looking for love, finding a mate and deciding who is worthy and who is not! I call the last one the Getwithable Rule. Using the Sister Girl Getwithable Rules will help you quickly and accurately answer this question about your new man: Is He Get With Able?

What is the The Getwithable Rule?

The Getwithable Rule is the system for easily determining whether or not someone is worth your energy and effort. This is a much needed system because it will help you save time on determining if someone is the one or just a dud. It is sort of like when fishing and you catch a little fish… you have a scale in that says this one is too small and you just know to throw him back in and keep searching for a better one. Yes, that is what the Sister Girl Getwithable Rule is, but apply it to man fishing.Now that you understand what the Getwithable Rule is, it is time to learn how to put it into action.

The Basics of the Sister Girl Getwithable Scale

To start putting the Getwithable Rule into action you first need to know how we are even rating these “POTENTIALS.” A POTENTIAL is a man that is a candidate for long term dating. ***Please note that cute buddies, male jump-offs and side-pieces are rated in another system which we will discuss in our upcoming article “Sister Girls Jump-Off Rules”.

Now it must be clearly stated that this scientific system has two Non-Negotiables:

  1. Must Be Single – meaning any man that is Married, Separated (aka – the ink is not dry on the divorce papers) or in any type of an exclusive relationship (or one that should be exclusive) is AUTOMATICALLY Not Getwithable.
  2. Not Abusive – this should almost be number one. But please know that a man that is emotionally, financially or physically abusive or at any point displays these tendencies is AUTOMATICALLY Not Getwithable. If you are not sure, please pay attention to how he treats those who he thinks do not matter like the lady taking orders in the drive thru, the man waiting on you in the restaurant, or even his family or friends.

Now that we have the Non-Negotiables all cleared up, if he passes these two then it is time to start factoring his Getwithableness.


Getwithableness is the qualify rating of the POTENTIAL’s relationship worthiness. The Getwithableness can be calculated with a simple yes or no in five categories. Of course, you can grade these categories on using values but for the sake of simplicity we will start you off with the easy 3 YES-es out of 5 quick calculation. You tally up the YES when you ask the following questions about your POTENTIAL, “Does he have / Is He…. __________?”

  1. Fine – Of course, we are not that shallow but ladies you do have eyes and if they do not like what they see then chance is are your relationship is not going to work.
  2. Car – I am not saying he has to have to have a custom built 2012 Maybach but a pair of Jordans can’t be his only mode of transportation.
  3. Place – A home of his own is essential if you are going to start building a relationship together. He doesn’t have to own it but FYI, living with his mother or on his home boy’s couch is not cool.
  4. Financial Stability – Money can’t buy you love but it sure doesn’t help not having any. He doesn’t need to be balling out of control but having a job / business or at least a dream that pays the bills is a start.
  5. Sane – This one sometimes should be weighted because if he is not sane then it can affect all the other categories. (He may burn done his place, crash his car, wreck his credit and wear himself down while in a fit of insanity). Anyway, if he is a little off then the answer to this question is a NO.

Now, I know that men reading this article may think that we Sister Girls are Shallow Gold Diggers, but that is simply not true. Remember you just need 3 out of the 5, so you could be Fine with a Car and be Sane and receive a Positive Getwithable Rating. Just 1 or 2 YES-es is not enough. And believe me we are doing you all a favor too, because not having these will lead to more instability in the relationship. You will have more arguments and it just will not work. The greater your Getwithableness is going into the relationship, the greater the chance for long term success.

So, now that you have the basic tools for starting a long term relationship. Feel free to go out there and make it happen. And if you have something thought on this we would love to hear from you so please shoot us a message.

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The Candace B

Candace is Publisher of Sister Girl News and the co-Host of the Sister Girl News Radio Show. She is an active member of the Atlanta business community; serving on several boards and participating in many local, regional and national organizations. As the Publisher of Sister Girl News she strives to help readers explore new and exciting topics on women and the issues that effect their lives. Please reach out to Candace by email at Candace@SisterGirlNews.com.


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