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Revelations of a Reformed Radical Dater: The Seven Signs of Nesting Season

Posted November 27, 2016 by tyeshamoore in Featured

It began with a seemingly mysterious text which read, “How are you Sweetie?” Puzzled, I stared blankly at my phone. I have only known myself to be one person’s “Sweetie.” Seriously, I doubted he would send me something like that now–plus, his number still is listed with his name. Who had send this text? It could have been a message sent to me in error. -The intended recipient had a number that was only a digit off from mine. Now the poor fellow would think he was being snubbed… No, in the end, the message was for me. This was a fellow I had met during the spring and had trail off just as a summer started. On top of all that, this guy had never called me “Sweetie.”

While we parted amicably, I was surprised to have received such a message after such a long hiatus. As I pondered what inspired his seeming sudden rekindled interest in me, it occurred to me we are in the beginning of nesting season. Ladies hold on tight as nesting season may skew your perspective and distort your view. People seem more apt to be coupled as we move into the winter months. If you are not presently seeing someone steadily, you may find yourself with a quiet yearning to have someone too. Who would not want someone to snuggle in the cold? It is not to say that great relationships do not start in the winter (they do); it is say if he is a “recycled” love, you may want to discover what has changed.

Here are my Seven Signs of Nesting Season:

7. People are surprised you are still single. From your sister-friends, you may receive gentle looks of pity. From men, you may get looks of shock or, in case of last week, slightly salacious looks upon this discovery.

6. You, suddenly, are receiving text messages from deleted contacts.
If that man is only going to send you messages, you already know “what he is about.” Proceed with caution.

5. You are getting phone calls from forgotten beaus.
While you did not forget him, he seemed to have forgotten about you for months at a time. Be mindful.

4. You find your shopping trip with the ladies has led you to the menswear section. Your girlfriends are shopping for gifts for their man. You do not mind but, you may feel left out of the fun of improving someone’s fashion sense.

3. Your best girlfriends are not often free to hang out with you.
They still make an effort because they love you but, they are usually otherwise occupied.

2. You notice many of your girlfriends are speaking in the plural tense
. It seems like “we went here and we went there” rarely includes you, instead it includes their “honey bunnies.”

1. People you know you have no business dating suddenly look more appealing
. You are fully aware he is not what you desire but a building sense of desperation makes having a “Mr. Right Now” seem like a decent consolation. Sister-friend, keep your wits about you.

What does it all mean? Should we forgo dating during the winter? Should we always cast a wary eye and anticipate poor motives? No way! Ladies, have fun, date, and enjoy life. If you feel inclined, start to eye some twigs so you are prepared to nest. If you do not go and mingle, you will keep an empty nest even if it is not your goal. They say it is the season of new beginnings. -You may make it so by being open to affection while staying connected to common sense.

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