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The Surge: Surviving the Re-emergence of Suitors

Posted June 5, 2013 by tyeshamoore in Featured

Now that temperatures, as well as hemlines, are rising, you may have noticed you are gaining additional popularity points. Men are taking notice of you as the nesting season concludes and Spring Fever builds its momentum. You may say you are the same but guys can more clearly see you are attractive in a sun dress than in a turtleneck. While I know you are smarter than to let the attention go to your head, you may want some ideas how to navigate the waters.

1. Don’t expose your hand. We know that spring makes us friskier. This is no reason to stop acting like ladies. If your real goal is a long term relationship, you cannot carry yourself as weekend fling.

2. Be clear about where you want the relationship to go. You may not foresee marriage but you need to let him know if you are seeking something long term. It may seem doing this sooner than later runs off your candidates faster but there is no point getting attached to a guy who neverplanned to stay.

3. Stop giving your contact information to men you do not like. I know it may appear I am channeling my older brother, but know it is a misuse of effort. Once you told him you are not looking for someone and he appears to settle for being your friend, do not be confused: He is still trying to get with to you. You have just given him a different entry door. If you have no romantic intentions for the guy and that was his goal, understand that still remains his goal. My advice: Nice, pleasant, cute, or sweet, if you do not believe him to be good date material, kindly decline exchanging information. –It will save you a faked headache in the future.

Laugh and live bold. Be clear about what you want for yourself and keep mixed signals to a minimum. Spring is a great time to get back in the mix of dating if you are a single woman and you understand how to navigate the tides.

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