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Being a Grade A Woman: Part 1 – Stepping Up Your A Game

Posted June 27, 2013 by The Candace B in Relationships

Every girl wants to grow up to be a beautiful woman -a GRADE A Woman to be exact.

But what qualifies you as a 100% Grade A Woman. Well there are 10 categories that you must rank yourself in with a grade of 10 for each of these categories. 1 being needs improvement 5 being average and 10 being excellent. When you get 10 points in all 10 categories you are officially a 100% Grade A Woman. So what are the categories, well they are simple Checkout this list.

  1. Bring Your “A Game” – Do you bring your “A Game” to every situation? Are you unprepared, unpolished, uncomfortable and uninspiring?
  2. Looking the Part – Dressing appropriately for the occasion. Are you wearing house shoes to the grocery store?
  3. Punctuality Princess – Do you understand that being on time is actually LATE. Some people and even myself have confused being in the parking lot is equivalent to being in the boardroom meeting. Just because you pull in at 8:00 am doesn’t mean that you made it to the meeting on time.
  4. Shine From The Inside – The best way to show you have it is to make sure you have it on the inside. It is not enough to look like an upstanding put together woman. You need to invest in that as well, feed you mind with books and the arts, feed your soul with spiritual thought and brighten the day of those around you.
  5. Rise and Grind – From the moment you get up to the time you lay down for bed you should be on the move to make “it” happen. This means that you are not wasting time being idle and instead are always working on improving yourself and your situation?
  6. Have A Master Mentor – To be Grade A you need to learn from the best. This can be obtained from 1 mentor or several that offer you advice in various areas. To reach Grade A Status you will need to use the teachings and feedback from these Sister Girl Mentors that have the experience and the success needed to steer you on the right path.
  7. Learn from Teaching – As you learn from others, it becomes so very important to share what you have learned to other rising Grade A. A grade A woman knows how to receive and share constructive advice without resentment or negativity.
  8. Surround Yourself with Great Girlfriends – just like on the show Girlfriends, you need women around you that are there for you through think and thin. As a Grade A woman you should fill you life with those that uplift and inspire you.

And the closer you get to being a woman the quicker you realize that their is a lot of upkeep involved and it is not enough just to be a certain age… you need to look and act the part to be a GRADE A Woman. One of the best ways to step up your “A Game” as a woman is by decorating yourself well. Clothes, shoes, make up and so on…. (of course we totally support stepping up your intellectual skills too.. but this article is not about that so please do not start emailing me about “women’s lib”).


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