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Posted March 26, 2013 by tyeshamoore in Featured

It occurs to me, our friends and loved ones are believing themselves to be well-meaning when they bring us the latest juicy tidbit or some bad news. Last week seemed full of people trying to dump their fears disguised as what they felt to be useful advice or information. “Woe is me” and “Oh girl, I have it bad” huddles are all too prevalent these days. Sister-girls do not succumb to the pressure of your friends’ negativity. If your day is filled with sunshine and cheer, let them stand in the fog of confusion and disappointment without you.

We all have items we want to accomplish. Our multi-tasking, high paced, high stakes culture can compel us to believe the world is ready to crumble around us. Here are a few ideas on how to stay focused on your personal vision without falling victim to the madness:

1. Trust your own gut. Your friends and family are well-intentioned but they do not know what you truthfully know about yourself. If your inner voice tells you things are not actually bad, they are not. No one else can tell you how to feel about your situation. Stop borrowing their poor perspective and stick to your own positive outlook.

2. Be consistent. Being consistent is tough, especially if you have a friend skilled at telling a thrilling story. This is where you turn to the group for support. Your circle should feature like-minded individuals that surround you with the awareness you are already successful and success continues to flow your way.

3. Release dead weight. We all have at least one someone that no longer serves a purpose in achieving our best life. If Jane only has something dreary to say, she should no longer be your primary confidant. Sure, we are comforted by the familiar but, you know you want something more—you want to hear something encouraging. Let go.

4. Be both realistic and optimistic. What you are trying to do may require you to retrain your thoughts. You may have been the “old” you for years, while your new positive self may seem foreign. Positive change and transformation will take place. Keep in mind it sometimes takes time to adapt to the “Let them talk” approach. Hold tight to realization you always have the power to walk away from things that do not serve your highest good.

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