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Daring to Do It

Posted March 11, 2013 by tyeshamoore in Featured

We have all been guilty of falling in the rut of telling ourselves, “I will/would do (this) but, not until I do (that) or not until (that) happens.” It is one of the biggest sets of lies we feed ourselves. You know as well as I do, if it was as simple as completing “A” before doing “B,” you would have done it ages ago. The truth is you did not set the goal at the next step; you set it countless steps away–so many so you do not fully believe it can be accomplished. Why some of us program our minds for failure could complete an entire long length lecture series; fortunately, that should not be our focus today.

Today, I just want you to do. Do what? Do. Do whatever it is on the list. Stop whining internally or externally about why it is hard. Stop saying, “But I haven’t done whatever else first. Stop saying it takes up too much time. Just attack the task.


You know you can do it if you stay committed to the task. You know you will feel a peace in your being for having done what you wanted to accomplish. You know that even if you take a break and restart will feel better than never starting. Do it. Today, instead of feeding your mind ideas of why not, give yourself reasons why it should be. It will be tough at first to recondition your thoughts but, it does become easier. If at any point you feel overwhelmed, you may stop, embrace your emotions, ask what reoccurring thought is attached to the emotion, remind yourself you are able, breathe, and then restart. To fight through something does not mean to ignore the issue; it means no longer pretending the issue does not exist.

Through all of this, know you can and will do it. Accomplishments will be at your own rate, in your own time–as they are meant to be. Today is the day. Do it.

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