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Savvy Sister Girl’s Success Tips for Getting “The Job”: Before, During, and After the Interview

Posted February 18, 2013 by felicialavette in Biz & Money

Before Applying for The Job

  • Read the  job or internship description.
  • Research the organization or company offering the job; Come up with a question or two about the position or organization.
  • Revise resume to highlight skills required or preferred in job description and that align with the mission or core values of the organization.

Before the Job Interview

  • Re-read the job or internship description.
  • Practice a 1-minute summary of your understanding of the job and core responsibilities? This will be part of your opening response.
  • Practice a 1-minute summary of your reasons for wanting this job or internship – why are you a good fit for this position? This will be part of your closing response.
  • Research common interview questions for the role.
  • Practice answering the sample questions using your resume and the job description as a guide (each response should highlight your understanding of the job description, as well as your knowledge of how your skills and experience are a good fit).
  • If you know who will be interviewing you, research their role(s) in the organization and try to find thier picture and bio.
  • Pack a pen or pencil and small notebook to take notes.
  • Try on your outfit and make sure it fits properly and is clean.  Clothing should at least be business casual – you won’t go wrong being more formal as a sign of respect. (no jeans, no flip-flops, no spaghetti straps, no bellies, breasts, or behinds showing (no underwear showing), no micro minis, no shorts)
  • Travel to the interview location using the same mode of transportation you will use on the interview date, and at around the same time of your interview; Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early.


During the Job Interview

  • If water is offered, accept – you may get nervous later.
  • Pull out your pen or pencil and small notebook.
  • During introductions, jot down name(s) of interviewer(s) in order introduced.
  • In your opening response, thank the interviewer(s) for the opportunity to interview for the position.
  • Take 2-3 seconds prior to answering each question to think about how to fully respond.  If needed, jot down key words/phrases from the question in your notebook as a reminder during answering.
  • In your responses, show enthusiasm for the job or internship and the organization’s mission or major function.
  • If asked, “do you have any questions”, ask the questions you created during your early research.
  • In your closing response, thank the interviewer(s) for the opportunity to interview for the position.


After the Job Interview

  • Reflect on the interview – What questions did you answer well? What would you change?
  • Write a thank you email to the interviewer(s) including a brief (3-4 sentence maximum) reminder of why you are interested in the position and why you are excited about the organization.


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