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Has Black Barbie had a Basketball Wives Makeover???

Posted February 20, 2013 by The Candace B in Fashion & Beauty

We have just gotten a chance to see the latest iteration of Black Barbie and she has totally gotten a makeover???

The new Black Barbie looks like she just stepped out of the latest episode of Real Housewives or Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop or better yet Basketball Wives. She comes complete with a blonde lace-front,  a sleek tailored “Power Suit” with plunging neckline blouse, gold jewelry and what looks like a knockoff Louis Vuitton bag. Only thing that she is missing is a hubby ex-baller Ken and some over-sized Gucci sun-glasses.

The internet is already a buzz with black bloggers noting the obvious nod to Reality-Show-Couture. Which had use wondering what you thought about the make over of the new Black Barbie. Check out the images of the New Black Barbie along side those of the past and let us know what you think about the recent change. Do you love or do you need them to “Do better”???

But for now we have nicknamed her the Basketball Wives Barbie. (I guess the blonde sow-in makes it Evelyn, LOL)

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