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Bras Demystified: 7 Key Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bra

Posted February 27, 2013 by tyeshamoore in Fashion & Beauty

While we love shopping for shoes, purses, and even wigs, we do not love shopping for undergarments. By saying that, I am not referring to lingerie—I mean everyday foundation pieces. Let us be honest, how many of us know what makes a good undergarment? I know you are convinced you do a decent job but, just think about how many times you have seen people and cringed because of what you unintentionally discovered about their undergarments. Yes, the bad imagery is coming back to you. Honestly, who wants to be part of that list?

We will start at the top. I will not waste time asking how many of you have had a professional bra fitting. Instead, I will remind you that many better department stores offer this underrated but much needed service. Even if you are not a major department store shopper, there are simple steps you can take to ensure the best fit.

7 Key Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bra

  1. Try Before You Buy – Try on your bra or bras before buying them.
  2. Level Check – Once on, check to see if your bra is level. The back should not rise up higher than the front.
  3. Position Matters – Check to see that your breasts are positioned at a height that falls evenly between your shoulders and your elbows.
  4. Check the Compass – Just like the needle of a compass always faces straight forward you need to make sure your breasts are facing forward and not outward. If you discover they are going east and west (–or goodness forbid, south), the bra lacks adequate support and should not be purchased.
  5. Cup Test – If your bust is pushing or spilling out of the cups, you need a larger cup size. If the cups are gapping or dimpling, move to a lower cup size.
  6. Band Bliss – Make sure that the band well crafted and does not slip or cut into your shoulders. The store is where the bra will work its best so if you are uncomfortable before you even leave the store, chances are it is only going to be downhill from there.
  7. Strapless Formula – Select the proper cup size and pick a band size that is one lower than usual when choosing a strapless bra. This easy trick will keep the strapless bra from shifting during wear and ensure a smooth fit.

Wondering whether taking these measures is worthwhile, consider the benefits. A supportive bra makes you look slimmer. Your posture improves with a well-fitting bra. Imagine eliminating back and neck strain normally created from wearing a poor quality bra. Of course, your clothes will fit better. A good bra is one of the most affordable body lifts you can obtain.

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