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Two Week Notice

Posted January 5, 2013 by Sister Girl News in Featured

You ever felt like you wanted to give everyone in your life a two week notice on the same day?  Well, I was sitting here today and it hit me that I am officially tired and emotionally spent.  So here is my two week notice to whom it may concern…..

{Insert Date}

To Whom It May Concern:

Regarding: My Two Week Notice

I would like to take this opportunity and put you on two week notice.  I have done nothing but my job and exceeded that time after time.  I did not complain, I just took the punches and let it roll off my back.  I would like to think that I dotted every “I” and crossed every “T”, but you’ve missed many errors in your disinterest of others and overwhelm of self.  I was there overtime to insure the work was complete and everything you wanted was to your standards and expectations; making sure you were content and didn’t have to ask for anything else. I was there, not knowing that you were taking other applications the whole time to find someone to fill my position – the same position that I was told I fit so perfectly in, and that my respect for doing my job well had never been seen before. Now, I am letting you know that I am putting my position on two week notice, and if things are not shaped up, I am shipping out.

I had to realize for myself how much of a hard worker I am.  I had to see that I do everything in my power to complete my job.  I put the failure and the loss of my commitment to my job in your hands.  I am over it.  I am not trying to burn any bridges, but unless you close one door, you cannot open up another.  So, unless you get it together and try to fix the underlying issues that are causing this tear, you better hope one of those applications you took can even compare to the job I did.


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