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How to Start Your Own Business Networking Group for Women

Posted January 3, 2013 by Sister Girl News in Biz & Money

By Beth Bridges

Have you watched reality TV lately? Anything with “housewives” in the title is doing a terrible disservice to the women of America. Our sons and daughters are being taught that there is no real friendship between women, that we can’t have strong relationships and that we don’t help each other unless there’s a benefit for us.

This is far from the truth of the real world of women at work and in life. Do you want to help change this? Do you want to counteract the influence of TV on your daughters? If you can’t find a local business women’s networking group, start your own.

Start by deciding whom you are going to target. Is it only for women who work? Is it going to include any women who want to participate? Will you have topics of interest only to women or will you have broader issues that men might be interested in. I don’t recommend making it “women only.” We complained too long about “men only” groups to turn around and do the same thing. My experience with women’s groups is that there are a few men willing to sit and listen to speakers on menopause and breast cancer, but you can strongly influence who participates by adjusting your topics.

woman networkingKnow your purpose. Is this a business development organization? Is it for networking and giving referrals? Or is it going to take a wider view of helping women by including personal as well as professional development? You can help other women not only by providing the information, but by giving them a place where they can be influenced by positive women in the community. If I was to start a women’s business organization, that would be my number one purpose: to give women a place and time to be influenced by and to become a role model and friend to others.

Finally, choose a format. Will it be lunch meetings? Breakfasts can be tough if Mom is in charge of getting everyone up and out the door. Evenings may be difficult for women with younger families. Check with the people you think would be interested to see what can work for them.

Take time to search out like-minded women in your community and let them know that you want to join forces with them to create a positive place. We need to counteract the rot that comes out of the television to provide great opportunities for women to grow personally and professionally.

Beth Bridges has attended over 2,000 networking events in the last 7 years as the Membership Director and Chief Networking Officer of a large west coast chamber of commerce. She has also been a member of the local business women’s organization for 10 years.

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