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Finding Your Authentic Style

Posted January 7, 2013 by tyeshamoore in Fashion & Beauty

finding-your-authentic-styleArticle by: Ty Moore

As if awakening from a daze, I looked around the magazine section of the 24-hour pharmacy and wondered who they were trying to fool. It seems at the beginning of each year women are bombarded with 1,001 ways to make us someone we are not.
Here is a reality check: I am not as tall as a super model. Wedge heels, stilettos, and platforms are not fooling anyone into thinking I am as tall as Tyra Banks. Am I crushed by this truth? -Not in the least. Why, you may wonder, am I so comfortable in my own skin? The big question is why are you not equally as content? I am not saying you should not take strides to keep yourself healthy, nor am I suggesting that improvements cannot to be made. I am just reminding you that you need not substitute someone’s sense of style for your own.

Here are some basic steps to define your own style and stay abreast of changing trends:

  1. Pick an adjective that you would want clothes to create. Examples: classic, stylish, glamorous, polished… (If your adjective is “risque” this is may not be the article for you.) Keep that word in the forefront of your mind as you purchase new garments.
  2. Decide on your body type and dress accordingly. Are you an pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, or ruler? Rulers should avoid trapeze dresses and tops without a belt. Pears should be cautious when purchasing skinny jeans.
  3. Pick two or three trends you find stylish and select pieces which compliment your existing wardrobe. The key word is “existing.” You do not have to empty your account to be stylish. Also avoid wearing too many trendy pieces at once.
  4. Remember prints and bold colors do not have be the enemy of your wardrobe. They can be a great way to energize a favorite outfit.

Start with these simply steps and create a signature look that is completely authentic to who you are.

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