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7 Priceless Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday Season

Posted November 29, 2012 by robin-caldwell in Featured

Pampering gifts are my favorite gifts to receive for Christmas. God knows I don’t receive enough of them. You’re probably the same way. The wonder of pampering gifts is, however, temporary. I would like to introduce you to some gifts that keep on giving for years to come. These gifts fall under the category of PRICELESS.

Dining Etiquette Instruction: Every major city in the United States and even abroad has at least one dining etiquette instructor. Pay for some classes or even a one time course that you can take on the weekends or after work. If there is a culinary program in your area, many chefs teach fine dining etiquette classes. Some community colleges offer instruction to the public for a small fee. Co-op with some friends for an in-home demonstration.


Why is this a priceless gift?

●       Understanding the fundamentals of dining etiquette will assist you in feeling more confident at the table, whether for dates or business or home entertainment.

●       Almost every human transaction – personal and professional – will have its moment over a meal. If you know some of the rules, then you can focus on the “transaction” and not your manners.

●       You will be able to pay this one forward to friends, family and above all, future generations.


General Etiquette Instruction: New and even seasoned professionals can use fine-tuning in the area of soft skills or social skills. Find an instructor or some individual to coach you  in basic social skills that teach about the exchange of pleasantries, greetings, posture,  and hospitality.


Why is this gift priceless?

●       You want to be confident and secure socially.

●       Soft skills are a necessary and often overlooked skill set when we seek to become more competitive in the marketplace. It softens rough edges and transcends almost every imaginable difference.

●       Social skills open doors. Enough said.


Wardrobe Consultation:  Contract an independent wardrobe consultant who offers personal styling services to upgrade your look and clothing. If it isn’t in your budget, then make an appointment at your nearest upscale department store and utilize their personal shopping services.


Why is this a priceless gift?

●        It will teach you about quality fabrics and clothing construction. You  will find out that it is more cost-efficient to purchase quality clothing that will serve you professionally than it is to purchase trendy, non-basics.

●       It will show you how to purchase clothing that flatters while remaining age-appropriate and professional.

●       It will help you polish up your appearance without compromising your personal tastes.


The rest of these priceless gifts are self-explanatory.


Cosmetic Dentistry| Orthodontia: This is a gift that lends more confidence in your physical presentation. Teeth whitening, corrective orthodontia and even a really good cleaning will help you feel ready for the world.


Elocution Instruction: Reverse lazy speech habits and patterns before they take permanent root. Prepare yourself  to start limiting your use of slang and expletives. Most community colleges offer classes in voice and diction, elocution and in theater technique, which are affordable. There are many free and affordable online resources as well.


Career Coaching:  A career coach can help you develop a career strategy that will assist you in choosing a practical plan that is timeless. Moreover, a coach can help you identify vocation strengths and weaknesses. Who knows? Maybe you’re not meant to be a lawyer but instead a broadcaster.


Investment, Debt & Financial Management Counseling: Enough said.


Many of these gifts can be co-oped between families and friends. Find a professional willing to do a group session for a group rate. All of these gifts are appropriate for males and females. And every last one of these gifts is an investment in you and you will never regret giving yourself something that will pay itself forward for a very long time.


If you have other suggestions, please let me know in the comment section.

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