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Plus Size Fall Wardrobe 2012: Top 5 Fall Wardrobe Must Haves for the Curvy Girl

Posted September 20, 2012 by Ebony Hillsman in Fashion & Beauty

Its sad to say but the summer days are slowly coming to an end with the approach of Labor Day weekend. For many of us southern girls, that means moving into the fall phase of our wardrobes. Goodbye to whites and sundresses, sorta. Sister Girl News knows how hard it is to just ditch the styles that got us through bbqs, weddings and summer movie weekends and lots of good times. So, we’d like to share with you the Top Five Must-Haves for the Curvy Girl that I have found to provide the best ways to transition your wardrobe to fall. Here is a hint…layering your fall looks with touches from your summer looks.

Top 5 Fall Wardrobe Must Haves for the Curvy Girl

  1. Colored Jeans – Bright, vibrant and red hot for a reason. Colored jeans were the go-to look for the sassy summer wardrobe add. They were great with a cute tee and flats. For the fall, bring the colored jeans into play with a turtleneck sweater, which are on trend to be a great addition for fall wardrobes. Accessorize with bold and chunky gold jewelry.
  2. Florals – Sweet and lovely staples that were a big part of summer weddings and day time events don’t have to fade with the summer. Hold on to the florals a little longer by adding in a funky ankle boot, floral pattern tights and a fitted blazer. My personal favorite is the floral patterned pump, but any reason to add to my shoe fetish is always welcome!
  3. Chevron – The funky fabric was everywhere this summer including accessories like clutches and jewelry. It was particularly figure flattering in fitted skirts and dresses. Build on the chevron with tights, equestrian boots (having a black and brown pair is highly recommended) and a boyfriend jacket.
  4. Maxi Tank Dresses – The fitted tee never fails to be a staple for the fall but adding it to this summer staple brings together an elegant and lady-like silhouette. The layer can be topped with a structured jacket and the oxfords, man inspired lace ups that are coming in different tones and patterns for a fresh take on an old look.
  5. Summer Brights – Light out Fall with vibrant colors like coral, turquoise and pink. these are always a welcome addition to the sometimes drab fall color palette, summer brights can have multiple variations in your fall wardrobe. I would definitely work the accessories angle. If you bought a few brightly colored necklaces and earrings, they could be a welcome pop of color to a very tame jeans and tee look in the fall.

These looks may be a very bold step for some of you. And you may not be completely ready to jump out on the style link, so take it slow with the addition of jewelry, bags and shoes. But if by chance someone challenges you on your season blending style, just remind them that, “it’s summer somewhere!” and keep on stepping!

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