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Pulling in the Right Direction

Posted July 30, 2012 by tyeshamoore in Featured

Most likely this post has been prompted by adequate sleep. In the predawn hours, I awoke alert just as my alarm was sounding. Unlike most mornings, I stayed awake instead of turning over for another round of slumber. Lying there, for I debated for a bit, I decided not to wait until later to begin my morning with yoga. Yoga, I have been told, is the quieting of the mind, as opposed to intensive stretching that makes you more enticing to suitors. As I twisted and focused on my breathing, I reflected on my weekend and the direction of my life. It is interesting to notice what stirs up from inside as one takes a moment to go within.

The issue that surfaced while stretching was from comments that were made on Saturday. We, for I was in a group setting, were talking about personal growth and the discomfort that often accompanies it. Each lady had a different view on what constituted appropriate discomfort. As you can imagine the range of what even qualified as discomfort and the approaches on supporting growth varied greatly. In that moment of sharing, I became aware of myself. Each person wants to feel safe, loved, and valued. When any of those components is lacking, insecurities and self sabotage often surface. As I listened, I not only heard the words but, I also felt the emotion of the ladies speaking. Recognizing my own struggle, I pondered how such concerns are conquered.

Each of us moves through life with the goal of being the best version of ourselves. There is no one who wants to manifest lack or limitation; yet, for some those are the yields of the harvest. In theory, we know we have to change or shift our thoughts and habits with consistency in order to create improved results. Consider what it will take to make it happen. From my early morning yoga and meditation, I created list of tools.

1. Set a modest initial goal. If you are a person who tends to fall out of routine quickly this will make it easier to develop confidence in your ability. Much like with yoga, you may want start gently and build your way up to greater challenges.

2. Warm up. Lay the groundwork for your success. Whether it is reading, researching, or gathering the right tools, you should have the foundation pieces for what you are trying to achieve.

3. Allow room for self correction. You would giggle to see all the times I have faltered in a yoga position, yet I just take deep breaths and continue. Errors will happen. Focus on the feeling of success versus the imperfections and see how much faster you reach your goal.

4. Rest when you are weary. Note that I did not mention stopping. More than likely there will be a time when you will reach a point of fatigue. It is a splendid idea to take time to rejuvenate, however, understand you must go back to work.

No matter what your goal, you will have to expand your thinking and shift some practices in order to generate the good you want for your life. As with any stretching, some discomfort may take place in effort to help you reach the next level. Understand you are worthy of security, love, appreciation, and the joy that comes with it. Recognize you are capable of doing the work that will achieve your goals. Stop waiting for the easy painless quick fix and go to work.

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