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Didn’t Big Mama Tell You Not To Do It?

Posted June 20, 2012 by felicialavette in Biz & Money

What an inspiring group of women! The invite gave an address but nothing on the email prepared me for walking into the global headquarters for Essence Magazine. Yes, THE Essence Magazine. Found in just about every Black beauty shop (both legit and kitchen-based) across America. A magazine that inspires so many young girls (like me way back when) as well as mature women (like me now) to dream beyond what’s in front of our eyes. Some refer to it as hope that is unseen.

Here I was, one of about 30 Black MBA Women in attendance to meet with and learn fromMs. Crystal McCrary. An accomplished author and media business woman, who most recently penned the book:Inspiration: Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World.

Conversation was riveting. It was great to be among so many beautiful, talented, kind, intelligent females. Of all we talked about that night, Ms. McCrary’s advice that we should never settle for more than we’re worth, really spoke to me. Don’t settle. Hmm…Simple in theory – hard in practice. I’m sure many of our Big Mamas and Aunties said the same thing at some point in our lives. But have we listened?

In our relationships, job, faith, health, dreams….Are we settling?

Settling is when a person makes decisions against their better nature because they feel they have no other option. Thinking about that makes me a little anxious because it means I have to take stock of the conscious decisions I’ve made in life. Hmmm….Have I settled? Have you, or anyone in your life settled for more than they should?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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