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Pre-poo Conditioning

Posted May 5, 2012 by tyeshamoore in Fashion & Beauty

Natural girls, especially, can appreciate my endeavor into the land of pre-poo conditioning. Several years ago when I first delved into the world of homemade conditioners, I discovered the concept of pre-conditioning one’s hair for optimal softness and manageability. Despite this, I continued applying my conditioner the same way, after shampooing. I still experienced soft, shiny hair, so I felt no reason to try a new method. This morning, however, things changed.

It may have started with me waking much earlier than expected. With the extra lead time, I found myself experimenting with new ideas. Like most of you, I have seen techniques that involve fruits, olive oil, and yogurt. I had been making something similar without ever knowing it was a being hailed as some sort of phenomenon. The preferred application method is conditioner first. The real question was why was I not following any of the websites and tutorials’ advice of applying it before shampooing.
Truthfully, I have always been one to apply a leave-in conditioner or leave a little conditioner on the ends. In my mind, this was the sealant or top coat to ward off dry, parched looking strands. How smart does it seem to wash away my moisture coating in favor of pre-treating first? I was too sleepy to continue the mental debate and just went for it. The ultimate goal was soft, fresh hair and that would be accomplished using either method. It was time to give it a try.

The idea of being out of order did cross my mind as I saturated my tresses with conditioner. I then remembered the infomercial for a product that conditions instead of lathers, co-washing all at once. My usual consolation for bad hair choices or styling gone wrong has always been, “It can be washed,” so this situation was ideal in that respect.

I whipped up a batch of conditioner and applied it with gusto. Since my hair is both long (despite appearances) and thick (clearly evident), I covered it with two bags and let the conditioner work its magic. “The longer the conditioner rests the better the results,” they say, so I did some household chores to pass the time. It was suggested that an hour or more yields the best results. I rinsed the conditioner and shampooed my hair as usual. Styling was the norm, as I twisted my hair. I set the front into Bantu knots for a sassy side bang once my hair dried.

You are probably wondering, “Was it better?” Indeed, it was in some respects. My hair hangs longer but that is more due to the ingredients in today’s conditioner than the technique. What I did enjoy, since I make homemade conditioner, was I did not have to spend extra time trying to rinse out any residual bits of avocado, an ingredient in my conditioner, from my hair. Pulp and flesh flecks washed out during my regular washing routine. After shampooing my hair did still feel soft and moisturized as it does when I condition as a last step.

Here is my verdict: pre-poo conditioning did not yield profound results. It can be blissful if you make your own conditioner. Personally, I rather enjoyed conditioning on the front end, as it was nice to have a change in my hair maintenance routine. I cannot say that this will become my new shampooing standard, but I am sure I will use this method in the future.

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