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Baby Momma Drama: Do Women Inflict Pain Because It Brings Joy??? Usher Thinks So and So Do We.

Posted May 23, 2012 by The Candace B in Entertainment

Today, R&B/Pop artist and producer Usher Raymond posted a picture on Facebook that received over 34,000+ LIKES and nearly 1,400 RESHARES (check out the image here  >>Usher in Pain over Baby Momma in Court). The image was of him in the court room with his ex-wife and baby momma smiling behind him as he stands slumped over in obvious dismay over how the child support battle was going.  It got us thinking, is Baby Momma Drama really about women wanting to inflict pain because it brings them joy? Well, this may shock you but I do think so, and so does Usher Raymond (which is why he posted the picture). I bet if you ask the millions of men who experience some form of Baby Momma Drama that they would all agree with me.

Now before all of my Sister Girls start rolling their necks, eyes and what ever else is typically getting rolled when not happy with what you are hearing… I must say that I have listened to tons of women telling tells of getting  back at their exes by using their children to inflict pain. The real question is why?

Why the joy, well I think I know why. These women probably all started off as extremely loyal spouses, friends, companions, or lovers. And were shocked when the fairytale romance did not end with you both together forever. Even worse, they have a 24/7 reminder of the life they were foolish enough to believe they could have with a man that no longer even accepts their calls and has publicly dissed them at the Mall, at a Cookout or even on Facebook or Twitter. Feeling powerless and scorned without the ability to physically attack, we women are left with the one power we have that dominates any man…  OUR MINDS. Yes fellas, you have unleashed the power of the Woman Scorned – and it is the only perpetual energy source in the known universe. And might I also remind you that based on the most recent statistical data it will out live you. (because women live longer then men).  And furthermore, until your woman / baby momma finds JOY from the love of another she will be perfectly happy spending the rest of her life finding JOY in your PAIN.

Sorry, Usher, that is just how it goes. The sad part in this case is that he really seems to be getting it worse than he gave it. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you don’t listen to your momma. FYI, momma’s always know the real deal – but that is for another article on another day.

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