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Things Big Girls Should Not Wear, 5 Simple Rules!

Posted April 22, 2012 by felicialavette in Fashion & Beauty

Rule 5:  Only One tight Area

You cannot wear a tight shirt and a tight skirt/pant at the same time. You must allow the fat to go somewhere. So when picking your outfit, decide which piece of clothing you want to be tight and allow the lose piece to bear the weight of your fat molecules.

Rule 4:  Black Belt Mis-education

If the circumference of your waist is almost equal to your height, then wearing a wide black belt will not create an illusion that your waist is small.

Rule 3:  Don’t Nobody Wanna See That!

Showing your Mid-drift.  If the middle section of your body (a.k.a. belly) is drifting to your knees, then wearing short tops or low-rise pants to allow people to see your belly is not fashionable.

Rule 2: Belly Hang-over

If your belly is hanging over your Skinny Jeans, this means that skinny jeans are not for you. You might want to try a dark pair of boot leg or wide-leg jeans.

Rule 1: WEAR A BRA!

Do all of us a favor and pick the girls up off the floor, your outfit and the people around you will thank you.

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