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Getting in Theme

Posted March 14, 2012 by tyeshamoore in Fashion & Beauty

With spring upon us, you may be like me in that you are preparing to buy some new pieces to freshen your wardrobe. Ladies, I know shopping for new, well fitting clothes may prove challenging, so I offer this suggestion: adopt a theme song. If you are like me, music is almost always in the air. Whether it is the last thing I heard in the car or the background music that plays in many stores, music is ever-present.

Think about the way music sets or shifts your mood. Now, think of what songs boost your energy levels and leave you feeling good about yourself. Once you have identified your upbeat tunes, let them play on repeat in your mind if you want to stay motivated and encouraged on a shopping trip. Even those seemingly more difficult outings can be endured with positive thoughts.

Here are some ideas for shopping theme songs to get you started:

Nina Simone-Feeling Good
Remind yourself, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling good.” Every shopping trip is an opportunity to reaffirm that you will include fashion as part of being the best you possible.

Mary J. Blige-Work That
If you do no more than recite, “Hold your high ‘cause you’re a pretty woman,” you will be off to a good start. Play up your best features and release the anxiety about the rest.

Christina Aguilera-Beautiful
“I am beautiful in every single way,” is all you will need to hum as you check your outfit from all views and embrace what you see. Dress the body you have presently and not the one you imagine in the future.

Mos Def-There Is a Way
As he says, there are only two lyrics: there is a way no matter what they say, and don’t give up, don’t give in. Using either will assist you in staying committed to not settling while shopping—good fit and good value do coexist.

Chrisette Michele
Skip to the line where she sings, “Take a deep breath and count to ten. Today’s a new day and I’ll start again.” Many of us have experienced a fitting room meltdown of some sort. It is okay to feel frustrated but do not let that deter you from dressing your best. Take a break and then begin anew.

Bob Marley-Soul Rebel
“People say I’m a rebel; let them talk. Soul rebel, talk don’t bother me.” “Someone, somewhere” will always have a negative comment. You know what makes you feel confident and attractive. If you are at a style crossroads, speak with someone knowledgeable that has your best interest in mind and reaffirms your positive attributes. All other opinions should be ignored as mindless chatter.

Adopt a theme song today and enjoy a new outlook on being fashionable.

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