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Top 5 Ways Women Can Lose An Hour Online

Posted January 5, 2012 by The Candace B in Entertainment

Okay, so it is Friday and it’s time for the Friday Countdown. This week I though I would write about the ways women can lose an entire hour online… much like the Wal-Mart time warp effect… there are online activities that can suck you in and when you look up you have lost an hour or more. Here are my pick for the Top 5 Ways Women Can Lose an Hour Online, I hope you like them…and if you know others, please share them below. One note of caution…. you could lose an hour or more check them all out.

Now, of course here are some mega sites that you will find have multiple ways to get sucked in, I will list the top types of time sucking pitfalls separately so that you can watch out for them more closely. But believe me they are so fun and tricky… like quicksand on a normal path. So here we go:

5. How to Beauty Videos.

YouTube is one of the best place to lose time – just type “how to do my eye brows” or “how to apply my lace front.” Poof, there goes an hour, at least. Millions of women are getting beauty tips and tricks from other ladies that know how to glam it up and are willing to share their secrets. Popular Vloggers like and the  have top videos that have sucked in millions of women. These types of videos can be so entertaining and informative that you just have to watch 5 to 10 of them, before you know it…Zap there goes and hour of your life.

One of my favorite hair people to watch is Ms. Lola (4Designers), she is a lace front weave expert with over 30 years of hair experience. She has showed hundreds of thousands of ladies around the world how to install your own hair extensions and save hundreds of dollars in the process. You can’t view the video directly here but if you click the link you can check it out.  It is totally worth it.


4. Online Goddess Games.

We’ll as women we like to be in control and Gods / Goddesses games can really suck time from you life. Facebook has a ton of them. Pretty much anything that ends …Life, ..Ville, …Social or ….Wars are you indicator that you are about to enter into time quicksand. Caution… you can also part with a substantial amount of coins… Facebook coins.


3. Online Shopping.

Everyone knows that women love to shop. And finding deals is like finding money in an old purse… A real “Yay Me Moment’. So of course, it is really easy to lose time when you combine the convenience of shopping online with the ability to cross check instantly and see if you are getting  a good deal. Plus, new and creative shopping concepts are available online like Sex In the City featured company  Bag, Borrow and Steal. Bag, Borrow and Steal is like the Netflix of Designer Online Shopping -basically you can rent / “borrow” the hottest fashion items for a short period of time for a fraction of the cost of really buying it.

2. Social Stalking.

Raise your hand if you have ever googled your Ex-love, Ex-crush, or you Ex-“friend with benefits”.  Really… all hands up (and if your hand is not up you are basically a stalker in denial). The way I figure it, every woman who has ever dated and then broke up with someone since 1991, which marked the rise of the internet (the year the internet out paced the Library of Congress data transmissions, read more in the article “The Launch of NSFNET”) Since then, women (myself included), have use the internet to look up information about people they have dated. I have friends that really should change their occupations on LinkedIn to Private Investigator. but really, it is one of the easiest ways to lose 60 minutes or more online.

1. Celebrities, Celebrities, Celebrities and they kids.

Just when you thought you could not lose time any other way… bring in the celebrities… and their kids. Celebrity watching is at an all time high and our obsession with the celestial beings of Stage and Screen are the reason productivity dips during awards seasons. Even while compiling this article I personally got sucked into a few sites that were devoted solely to the Beyonce Baby Watch. There are 110 million plus results when I typed in the keyword “Beyonce Baby”…. one of the best I found was an article on Huffington Posts’ Black Voices titled, Beyonce Baby: Singer Is Still Pregnant And Still Stylish. It was a great article and I lost at least 5 to 10 minutes looking through the slide show. There are many sites which you can use to watch celebrities and watch time evaporate before you eyes.

So Sister Girls, consider yourself warned. There are time traps out their… and you have to be careful not to fall victim to them ….. (notice I did not include reading blogs on this list… it is bad for business to say that.)  Please share you thoughts below… we would love to hear how you are losing time online. Share this article with a friend or two, because you have to lookout for your fellow Sister Girls.


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