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Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

Posted December 13, 2011 by tyeshamoore in Fashion & Beauty

As I stared blankly into my closet, I came to two important conclusions. The first was I need to reorganize my closet. My second conclusion was, despite my feeling of having nothing to wear, I have an abundance of outfits I can create based on just what is presently in my closet. With a few smart purchases, anyone can keep their look fresh and modern without maxing out any credit cards.

With the holiday season being upon us, take this time to complete a winter clean out of your closet. You will probably discover, as I did, there are some articles that should have gone during the spring cleaning. Thank your garments for their service and if they are still in good condition, donate them to a local organization of your choice. If you have not worn an outfit in over a year, the odds are you will not wear again unless it is a seasonal garment. Do not be afraid to release it in love. You know you are going to buy something new so do not lament over the perceived loss.

When shopping for new items keep these tips in mind:

1. Limit your shopping around. If you are guilty of driving more than 30 minutes out of your way to go to another store to save on an outfit, ask yourself what you really saved. If you did save something, it was not time, gas, or energy. Exhausting yourself to save a few dollars does not add up to anything noteworthy if you had to visit three or more stores that are far beyond your general shopping area.

2. Cheap may not be the way to go. Who does not love a bargain? We all love feeling as if we got a deal. The question is whether it is truly a deal. Purchasing a cheap garment may cost you more in the end because it may need to be replaced sooner. Buying a good quality article that will last will make your dollars go further.

3. Do not wait for the sale. If you really like a particular piece, waiting for the sale could be a poor move. Often times a popular item is not discounted until there are few in number or only the least liked color remains, meaning you may discover your dream garment is long gone. My suggestion is if the price is reasonable by your standards, then you should buy it. Many stores will credit the difference in price if an item goes on sale within ten days of your purchase, as long as you have your receipt.

Remembering these easy suggestions can help you stay fashionable on any budget.

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