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Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol – Movie Review – Sister Girl Approved

Posted December 16, 2011 by The Candace B in Entertainment

This week, I got to check out the sneak peek of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise and fellow “Sister Girl” Paula Patton. This film was action packed and I was really interested to see if the “Just Wright” actress had the acting chops and physical ability to carry off such a demanding high profile role. Well, I am pleased to say that Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and Paula Patton‘s debut as a block-buster action starlet is Sister Girl Approved.

Set in Russia (and a few other locales that make the film more intriguing), this hi-tech action thriller has everything that you would expect in a big budget flick: chases (check), fight scenes (check), knock down drag out girl fights (check), foreign bad guys (check) and they also sprinkled in enough jokes to let you know that they were not taking themselves to seriously. Although the Mission is extremely Impossible, you are pulled into the action and soon you let go of the fact that only Jack Bauer could get hurt that many times in 24 hours and still save the world. Plus, like I said earlier there is enough comedy to make you truly like the characters enough to root for them no matter what.

Our recommendation is that you go out and see Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, and of course there is a surprise cameo in the last 5 minutes that is really funny. So enjoy, because this flick is Sister Girl Approved.

See the Trailer for Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Paula Patton Interview getting the part in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Check out this interview with Paula Patton where she shares behind the scenes information about getting the role in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and what it was like to do out of this world action scenes.

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