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Little Girls Lost: Teen Girls Glamorized High School Pregnancy In Bathroom Photo Shoot

Posted November 3, 2011 by The Candace B in Featured

Little Girls Lost

Teen Girls Glamorized High School Pregnancy In Bathroom Photo Shoot

Today on facebook I came across a photo that was so alarming I just had to share it. The image is of a group of 7 teen girls dressed in matching school uniforms holding an impromptu photo shoot. They are posed side by side in their school bathroom with their pregnant bellies showing. Many of them are smiling and snapping photos, the are all lined up together seeming so proud of their achievements. I saw this and just was so upset and concerned.

First, several question come to mind….

  1. What are they smiling about?
  2. Do they know that they are in a jam here?
  3. I hope they have a good job lined up?
  4. Where are the parents?
  5. Why are they so pleased in this photo?
  6. Why are they allowed to have cell phones in the school?
  7. Did they get pregnant on purpose?
  8. Who are the fathers?
  9. What type of school is this?
  10. Where did we fail them?

It is the last question that is the main focus of this article, although I can go on an on about these girls but in reality they are still girls, young children making bad decisions. We have failed them. We have failed in so many ways. We have not offered them enough guidance, showed them enough love, taught them about consequences, and revealed to them the opportunities that exists if they just wait to have sex.  And to make things worse we are glorifying the sex lives of young girls to the point that kids are desensitized, they really thing that being 15 or 16 and pregnant is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact ,they think that they “got it made”, they can now hang out with their friend that are pregnant too, shop for cute baby clothes and finally marry their boyfriends/baby-daddys and have a house,  a car and live happily ever after. If only that were the case, most of these young girls end up alone, with a small child and no support and then eventually dropout of high school.

According to the New York Times “AROUND THE NATION; 80% Dropout Rate Found For Pregnant Teen-Agers

…Pregnant teen-agers have an 80 percent dropout rate, as against less than 9 percent for other students, and schools ”neither seek nor want an active role” in dealing with the problem, the National Institute of Education reported yesterday.

Young and Pregnant 101?

Well, it is easy to say that popular teen shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are to blame. I have heard many people say that they are glorifying but really, you have to have teens to case if you are going to do a reality TV show and since their are over a half a million teen mothers every year then it becomes easy to find them. So if it is not these 2 shows then what is the cause?  How can we fix the thinking of these young girls? And for goodness sake, how can we get them for taking cell phone photos an posting them like it is a good thing?

I want to hear from you!

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