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DAMN… Another Divorce!!

Posted November 3, 2011 by felicialavette in Fashion & Beauty

Another friend is getting a divorce! It seems like every month there is another couple splitting up. A marriage is not just some big fairytale wedding. People are preparing more for the wedding and not for the marriage. I wonder if people even understand what it means to be married. I just want to ask them, “Why did you get married”?

Since divorce is so popular, I came up with a list of 8 things couples should do to try and work it out.

  1. Stop using religion to justify your weakness and wrong doings.
  2. Start being honest with yourself and your spouse about who you really are.
  3. Stop being verbally abusive to your spouse.
  4. Start showing your spouse some affection.
  5. Start loving your spouse the way they want to be loved.
  6. Start respecting your spouse and marriage vows.
  7. Be open to talk about finances.
  8. Stop overlooking all the warning signs that something is wrong.


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