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Sex and Twitter

Posted October 26, 2011 by felicialavette in Fashion & Beauty

A little over a week ago, a 14-year-old girl became a worldwide topic. The girl was featured in a viral video that shows her performing oral sex on another 14-year-old male student. The tape also depicts another male student sitting nearby and watching the action.

When the video hit Twitter, it spread faster than a California wildfire. The girl was called every vile name for a woman. She initially missed the magnitude of what was happening to her, because she began socially-cashing in on her infamy and opened a Twitter account to hit up her favorite celebrities.

According to reports, she began tweeting about suicide and deflecting judgment from her attackers, who were both other teens and adults. She wrote, “Look who my role models are? @kimkardashian @nickiminaj @lilkim and Trina. i dont have anyone else to look up to,”. The distraught teen also added, “Everyone thinks my mother & father is [sic] around you have no idea my life and no write [sic] to judge me” and “I never bragged or boasted about the video that was put on the internet so why am I a hoe?”

This story is an example of why Sister Girl News was created. Our mission is to promote positive images of women. There has to be a balance in mainstream media (which financially benefits from creating erotic and sexual images of women). There are positive women all over the world doing great things for their communities, but mainstream media is not spotlighting them. America’s teenage girls need a lot of love and help, most of them have no idea what the world is truly like. This is a space where women can come together and present the world with the images we create of ourselves, so we don’t have to depend on mainstream media to do it for us.

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