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Are You Paying Bogus Phone Charges?

Posted October 9, 2011 by felicialavette in Biz & Money

Cramming is the practice of placing charges on your telephone bill for unauthorized products or services. The charges range from 1.00 to 19.99 per month, and often go undetected. Ironically, this practice began when the FCC began requiring telecom carriers to break out bills into components so customers could better understand them.

The fix can be simple, if you just take a few moments to read the bill. Yes, pull out you bill now and look and for the following charges:

Service Fee
Service Charge
Other Fees
Mail Server
Calling Plan
Monthly Fee
Minimum Monthly Usage Fee

We’re primarily talking about landline telephones, but the same thing has been happening on our cell phone bills for years. You mostly see it on landline customers with multiple page bills do they can bury them deep in the lines of charges and calls, but a few years back there was a class action lawsuit against Verizon wireless settled for millions in accuses the wireless provider of letting outside vendors sell horoscopes, sports scores and other third-party content to its subscribers on their mobile phones, but of having no way of knowing whether the purchases were authorized.

The FCC proposed fines totaling $11.7 million dollars against four long-distance companies that have placed crammed charges on hundreds ofthousands of consumer bills.

How prevalent is “Cramming”? This is one of the most common landline billing complaints handled by the FCC. Only 1 out of 20 victims of cramming may be aware of cramming charges. There are 15-20 million households estimated to receive crammed charges on their landline bill each year.

The FCC is working on a set of rules to protect consumers. The current status of the measure is that it has tentatively been placed on the agenda for July 12 for a possible vote, Last fall, the Chairman built on the concept of Truth-in-Billing to lay out a Consumer Empowerment Agenda for the FCC. This agenda includes improving consumer information and transparency for broadband and other services.

If you notice a charge on your bill that looks suspicious or maybe a charge that you don’t remember signing up for, contact your phone service provider and get an explanation. If you need additional assistance contact the FCC immediately

www.FCC.gov 1-888-CALL-FCC

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