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A Woman and A King

Posted October 23, 2011 by felicialavette in Voices

Last Sunday, I had the pressure of attending the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Celebration. I witnessed the mass migration of people of every hue walking toward the memorial, it was certainly something to see. While walking toward the memorial, people stopped their journey just to wave at the presidential motorcade that was making its way to the service. We walked all the way up to the Lincoln Memorial and then took a sharp left to join together in the celebration ceremony of Dr. King. When I finally made it to the ceremony location, I noticed that there were thousands and thousands of people all standing in anticipation of the day’s events. During the ceremony, the mega screens displayed the First Family touring the memorial. Every time the screens showed President Barack Obama the crowd would yell at the top of their lungs, “4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS.” At the end of the program Stevie Wonder song Happy Birthday and footage of Dr. King’s March on Washington was played on the screens. The ceremony was exhilarating, however while I was leaving the ceremony I wondered if there were any women who spoke at the march with Dr. King. After reaching the March on Washington, I found that there was only one woman speaker, Josephine Baker

On that day, Josephine Baker wore her Free French uniform with Legion of Honor decoration. The 57-year-old Baker had flown in from France, her adopted homeland, for the occasion. She had not been wanted at the event by all of its organizers, several of whom thought the girl from St. Louis had become a woman of France, out of touch with U.S. civil rights issues. But Baker was friendly with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and her managers worked to get her on the program.

On that day, Josephine Baker truly displayed her strength and determination to fight against injustice.

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