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Why Is There A Wage Disparity?

Posted October 18, 2011 by felicialavette in Biz & Money

After reading the wage gap information, I decided to research the educational attainment of women. I wanted to see if women obtained the same amount of education as their male counterparts. Please take the time to analyze the statistical data presented by the U.S. Census Bureau along with the wage gap information (that was posted a few days ago) and tell us why you think a disparity in wags still exist.


S1501. Educational Attainment

Data Set: 2005-2009 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
Survey: American Comm325unity Survey


Subject Male Female
Population 18 to 24 years 15,369,370 14,468,866
Less than high school graduate 19.80% 14.40%
High school graduate (includes equivalency) 34.40% 29.40%
Some college or associate’s degree 38.60% 45.30%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 7.20% 10.90%
Subject Male Female
Population 25 years and over 95,194,537 102,246,235
Less than 9th grade 6.60% 6.10%
9th to 12th grade, no diploma 9.50% 8.70%
High school graduate (includes equivalency) 29.20% 29.40%
Some college, no degree 19.80% 20.80%
Associate’s degree 6.70% 8.10%
Bachelor’s degree 17.60% 17.30%
Graduate or professional degree 10.70% 9.60%
Percent high school graduate or higher 83.90% 85.20%
Percent bachelor’s degree or higher 28.30% 26.80%
Subject Male Female
Population 25 to 34 years 20,558,007 19,885,196
High school graduate or higher 84.50% 88.70%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 27.00% 34.20%
Subject Male Female
Population 35 to 44 years 21,402,311 21,346,263
High school graduate or higher 85.50% 88.90%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 28.90% 31.60%
Subject Male Female
Population 45 to 64 years 37,206,889 39,041,236
High school graduate or higher 86.50% 87.90%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 29.90% 27.20%


Subject Male Female
Population 65 years and over 16,027,330 21,973,540
High school graduate or higher 75.30% 73.40%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 25.30% 14.90%

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