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Surrendering to the Big Apple

Posted September 12, 2011 by tyeshamoore in Featured

It was to be a victorious homecoming of sorts. My intentions were to bound into New York, sweep about in splendor, and return home a conqueror. What instead took place was a gentle surrender to the trip’s own ebb and flow of events.

It began as a frantic dash to the airport. I had a presentation in the morning and wanted to be prepared with all the necessary elements. Fortunately, I arrived with enough time to use the self-check kiosk and dart to the gate. My flight soon boarded and all seemed well. We landed with more enough time for me to make my connecting flight. I reached the second airport and decided to get something to eat. Upon returning to my next departure gate, I patiently awaited my next flight. It seemed to be going well until they announced there would be a delay. Now, the first time they made such an announcement I did not feel too pressed. The second announcement alerted us to a maintenance issue being the cause of the delay. I appreciated the fact they were working to correct the problem and continued to wait. Then there was yet another announcement for a further delay. At this point, I felt it was starting to grow ridiculous. My final destination was about an hour and a half drive from the airport, the time in which they thought the flight would be ready to depart. I began debating whether it was worth the expense of a rental car. Before I could grow too consumed with this internal debate, the flight was canceled… and canceled just after the last flight for the evening to my destination had departed. All my grand plans for the evening were abruptly ended.

I suppressed the urge to lash out at the gate agent. I remembered she was just the messenger. She was so badly overcome by frustrated passengers they sent her reinforcements. Silently, I accepted my voucher and frantically started messaging my family to make them aware of the flight cancelation. Eventually, I settled down and recognized I was not in any actual danger. I could still make my morning meeting. The inconvenience was frustrating but all I could do was make an effort to be rested for part two of my travel saga. With a sense of resolve, I toted my bag to the hotel shuttle and embarked toward the unknown.

At the hotel, the concierge person was prompt and polite. I, thankfully, went to my room anticipating a therapeutic shower. However, I soon would discover my room was missing a curtain. One could look directly into my room from the hallway without obstruction. “Seriously?!” is all I could say to myself. A quick trip back to the concierge desk had me in a new room with a curtain. As one would imagine, It took some time for me to unwind. I reviewed my plan for the next day and affirmed it had to get better. In the morning, my new flight was also delayed. This after the ticketing agent had given me grief about having enough time to board my flight. Once boarded, we sat on the tarmac for about forty minutes. Can you say, “I do not foresee myself as a future patron of that airline?” The flight was short, so I arrived in a timely manner.

My presentation was well received. It made up for the trouble I had getting to the building. It began with the discovery I had misplaced my MetroCard. With no time to hunt for it, I purchased another. Next, came finding the building. Generally, I do become shaken by being in an unfamiliar place, but there were no friendly faces until I walked about two blocks. And yes, friendly New Yorkers do exist. I felt as if I stood out like a bright neon sign. It could be the belt I selected was a bit jazzy for my setting.

After the presentation was over, I had intended to treat myself to a slice from my favorite pizza spot. It lasted much longer than I imagined. Instead, I met one of my aunts and had a nice time hanging out with my family. Not as glamorous as shopping in the city and taking in the sights, but far more enjoyable.

Riding the train home that night, I could not help smiling at how things had turned out in the end. Things had been better. Oddly, it would seem that nothing went quite as expected. Each time I was certain things were well planned, the plans changed drastically. In reflection, I realize there are times when instead of fighting the tide we should surrender to the moment.

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