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Posted August 27, 2011 by The Candace B in SGN Radio

On Sister Girl News, hosts Candace Bazemore and Felicia LaVette talk about exciting and entertaining topics from a woman’s perspective.

This week’s topic “We Write Life: Making Positive Music with Positive Messages”. This week’s guest is Tanya the Writer from We Write Life, an organization who’s sole goal is to make positive music with positive messages. We will be talking to her about the Write Life Movement and how people can make a difference with a positive message.

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More about the Tanya the Writer

Tanya “The Writer” Williams is a philanthropic singer, songwriter and visionary whose music connects with youth and diverse audiences suffering both economically and socially. Her work as a songwriting coach and vocal producer for talented young adults through the Teen Songwriting Workshop, her participation in the United Nations UN-Habitat For a Better Urban Future high level forum on “Age of Connectivity: Music as a Natural Resource…Urban Futures,” and work with various non-profit organizations, position her as much more than an artist. She is a voice behind melodies that write the future.


More about the Write Life Campaign

The Write Life Campaign is a movement to connect music and charity. The campaign promotes the use of music as a free resource to empower invisible communities around the world. It is a call to action for those who are concerned about statistics regarding waning music education programs and lacking diversity in programming.

Connect with Tanya the Writer and the Write Life Campaign

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