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Frustrated Finding a HairStylist

Posted June 24, 2011 by theron in Fashion & Beauty

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. ~Author Unknown

This quote says a mouth full. Because I am a hairstylist I hear the horror stories of clients experience with finding a hairstylist they can stick with. Whether it is the cost, a bad haircut, or a horrible chemical service, everyone has a story to tell. It’s truly a big frustration. So how do I find a hairstylist you like?

1. Before the age of computers, it was a good idea for a new client to go to a salon and observe the work the stylists were producing. This way you know first-hand what the stylist is capable of doing. Now a day’s people are too busy to really sit and observe, therefore the internet can be a good tool to use in its place. More and more salons or stylist are putting their work on the internet. Ask your potential stylist if they have a website, Facebook, or twitter accounts where they post their work and salon information.
2. Ask yourself. What kind of stylist you need and want. Are you a natural client? Do you want a natural client that is licensed or are you willing to go to an unlicensed stylist. What is your hair budget? There are a lot of stylist is all price points. It’s good to research the stylist that fits your budget. Are you looking for a stylist that has a smaller clientele? Stylist that maintains a smaller clientele may cost more but you are in and out a lot faster than traditional salons.
3. Go on consultations. Most consultations are free. The consultation is important for you and the stylist. It gives you an idea of your stylist professionalism along with visual on the environment they work in and some of the work they do. The consult puts you and the stylist on the same page on the style that works best for you and how much you should expect to pay.

Once you go on your first appointment, give the stylist a chance. Remember the two of you have just met. If it is a good consultation, then it should reduce your chances of being unhappy. However, you do not know each other. You are at the start of a new relationship. So ask questions if you don’t know something and follow recommendations to see results. If you are scared by a bad haircut or a horrible chemical service, do let that be the first service you get with the new stylist. The more you trust one another, the better you will enjoy your service.

I hope this helps you feel comfortable with finding a new stylist. It shouldn’t be a frustrating as the quote suggests. If you have any questions or what to give feedback contact me at theron@sistergirlnews.com


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