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Flashback Friday: Top 20 Best Cartoon Openings of All Time

Posted June 17, 2011 by The Candace B in Entertainment

It’s Flash back Friday. Every Friday we do the Friday Countdown related to entertainment, fashion, style, business…etc but one Friday out of the month is a special Friday we like to call Flashback Friday and it is a chance to look back at the fun times from back in the day. This month’s Flashback Friday we are taking a look at the the time we spent on Saturday mornings or after school watching cartoons, in honor of this we are bring you the Top 20 Best  Cartoons Openings of All Time. See if your favorite made the list…..

20. Freakazoid!
19 Transformers
18 Voltron
17 Inspector Gadget
16 Captian Planet
15 Scooby Doo
14 Rainbow Brite
13 G. I. Joe
12 Danger Mouse
11 She-Ra
10 He-Man
9 Duck Tales
8 Pinky and the Brain
7 Chipmunks
6 Muppet Babies
5 Animaniacs!
4 Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
3 Jem
2 Gummie Bears
1 Thundercats

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