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Antique Mystic, Timeless Treasures for Your Home

Posted April 17, 2011 by sameerah in Lifestyle

Time stands still for no one.  While it may not be possible to stop the progression of time, recapturing the beauty and elegance of the past is possible when you decorate your home with antiques.  Antiques are object treasured for their historical or aesthetic value.

During the 1930’s U.S. Customs determined that classified antiques would be allowed into the country duty free.  Over a century ago fine hand craftsmanship gave way to mass production.  It was decided that antiques would be classified as objects that were 100 years and older.  Each year as time moves forward new items qualify as antiques.

Authentic antiques are often expensive and generally increase in value as they age.  Therefore, antiques are often purchased as investments.  They come in many styles and designs from different periods and places.  Decorating with antiques can transport you back to a time you find interesting like the Victorian or Baroque era.  You may also choose to select pieces that reflect pride in your own heritage.

Judy Eid, an expert curator and antiques appraiser, believes that any décor style you envision, especially one that involves antiques, should have a foundation of good quality furniture.  Eid was born and raised in Lebanon and educated in Italy, Turkey, Greece and Spain.  She has appraised the estates of former President Johnson, former President Ford and former President Carter.  This experience along with her tenure at prestigious art museums and universities taught her a lot about antiques.

She says, “Once the foundation is set, you should select interesting accessories to accent your chosen antique pieces and round off your décor with a good color scheme to complete the desired look.” The most beautiful room combinations are the ones that use a lot of variety and a lot of color.

Ms. Eid states that although you may not become an antique connoisseur, you need to know enough about them to make wise purchases.  When it comes to price most antique dealers expect you to negotiate.  Do your homework and go prepared to bargain.  Don’t worry if you can’t purchase a lot of furniture right away.  Honing your bargaining skills will take time but with diligent shopping and negotiating you can eventually acquire the pieces you want.  Buying reproductions is okay as long as you have not paid for an original.  Middle Eastern décor was not popular until the 19th century but because of the attention the region is getting today, now is a good time to invest in that décor.

Remember that your needs and your personal tastes may change over time.  Browsing antique shops, second hand stores and flea markets is a great way to spark your imagination and possibly find hidden treasures.  You can also let your fingers do the walking by going to websites like www.ebay.com or www.sothersbys.com from the comfort of your own home.

Eid suggests that you always look for quality workmanship.  You should always examine the structure of the furniture.  Make sure it is sturdy.  Check for defects and never buy furniture that has been damaged.  Once you have a solid foundation of quality furniture, build your room layout to meet your own needs and personal style.

Take good care of your antique furniture and it will last for generations.  Polish wood pieces will require regular waxing to maintain a shine.  Over time, some antiques acquire a patina that adds to the appeal.  Patina refers to the variegated finish on metals and woods.  It is also refers to the subtle changes in antiques that enhance the objects history.  Stripping away the patina can devalue the piece or changes its character.

Antiques that are full of character, coupled with your own creativity can turn a room into an instant classic.  Whether you purchase antique furniture for the intricate workmanship or because of its beauty and uniqueness, decorating with antiques can be an experience you will treasure for many years to come.

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