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Divide and Conquer Your Wardrobe

Posted January 22, 2011 by tyeshamoore in Fashion & Beauty

You know you have done, at least once… You bought an outfit and then had no idea what else to do with it outside of its matching set. I am not going to make you state your name and admit that you are sometimes fashionably challenged, but I will tell you it is time for an intervention. An outfit is not married to its matching garment. -Even my grandparents do not go everywhere together and they have been married more than fifty years. It is perfectly okay to break up the set. In fact, if you spot a set that you cannot envision as separates, leave it at the store. There is nothing quite as stagnant to your sense of style as seeing you repeatedly wearing an outfit the exact same way. You may be tempted because it is comfortable and familiar, but dare to see your fashion persona as more.

Common problems to that you may encounter for that “already in your collection” outfit:
1. Distinct color: You find yourself with an odd color or pattern for your outfit.
Solution: Pair it with a solid garment or one with a subtle design. Bold pops of color and pattern are great as accents. When you pair something vibrant with a garment that does not compete with the eye, it allows people to appreciate the accent piece.

2. Plain or non-descript silhouette: Your outfit is plain, with no special details.
Solution: This is one of the easiest issues to overcome. An outfit made of classic staples (clothes that stay in style for several seasons) can be updated with ease. A different top, a new belt, or a different necklace set can give such an outfit new appeal. This sort of ensemble lends itself to being boosted by adding a latest trend.

3. Old trend: You bought this look when it was popular, however, styles have changed.
Solution: When considering an outfit that is from an old trend, treat it on a case by case basis. You may try to convince yourself the look will return but, it took about 20 years for the 1980’s styles to return and I know, personally, I am not the same size as I was then. Let the outfit go if you have not worn it in over a year. You have not missed wearing it, so activate the law of giving and donate it.

Use these easy tips when you are next tempted to put your style on snooze. Remember your style deserves better.

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